Omid Memarian

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Postponig the democracy, Ganji,Abdi and Mosaddegh

Akbar Ganji Iranian Journalist who sent to the jail by conservatives by talking about serial killing by some of the[...]
Last night I was thinking about the destiny of Akbar Ganji -a brave reformist journalist that after coming president Khatami came to the power-who criticized the conservatives and informed bravely that more than 80 academics, journalists, politicians and intellectuals killed during the period of economic reconstruction. Akbar ganji stood against Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (previous president) who some people say thought that he is the king of Iran and blemished his face as he never could attend in a democratic election and went to a non democratic part of government. They sent Ganji to the jail for more than 6 years. He has passed 4 years. I was thinking about ganji. How is he tonight in the prison after they announce him that Farhad Nazari the commander of police that issued a command to attack against the students 4 years ago and made the tragedy of university, is a lawmaker now and try to make a better Iran? What will he fill? I can not swallow my breath. Ganji and Abbas Abdi are the expenses of reform during the recent years. They are alive and the ways to democracy will countinue Perhaps in new lines and roads. We have to start again and people who will try to play will fundamentalists without pay attention to the background won’t forgive by history in the future. Like Americans that established the coup about 55 years ago against Mosaddegh. So I think it is a similar position. Many of Iranian believes that American postponed the democracy in Iran many years. I think it is better not to repeat this historical mistake again…


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