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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Presidency Election; Vital Point !

The coming presidency election is a vital point in the living of Islamic Republic. For the Iranians the elections have been always something more than voting. To understand the meaning of the voting, we have to pay attention between the lines. This property is so strong in this election. If EU likes to postpone its negotiating about nuclear energy until they become aware of the result, is a message. Because, if somebody selected by people or a fraction of people who can not be representative for the major groups, the possibility for lobbying and negotiating for the Iranian team will decrease strongly. It means they can force Iran to do thing that they want more. So if you hear in the news that Iranian insists to finish the discussion as soon as possible and befor the election is becasue of that and so never surprise!

At this time many of politicians have registered for the candidature. But the major candidates are Dr.Moeen which comes from the reformists, Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, who comes from a parto reformist groups and at the same time a part of conservatives. And also, Dr. Ali Larijani and Mr. Ghalibaf which representative the conservative side. Larijani is so close to traditional conservatives and ghalibal is come from the neo conservatives. Larijani has strong relation with clerics and the revolutionary generation but ghalibaf is the second generation of conservatives. There are some more candidates like Mr. Karroobi, the former chief of parliament, Dr. Rezayee, the former commander of Sepah, a revolutionary military force and Mr. Ahmadi nejad who the present mayor of Tehran.

But the actual competition is between Moeen, Hashemi and Ghalibal (or Larijani).
I personally think the actual competition will be between Moeen and Rafsanjani.
Today Rafsanjani announced that he is going to attend in the election. And the play has started now. The biggest play during the 27 years ago.


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