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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bloggers, Baghi and rafsanjani...

There are some Iranian bloggers in the jail now. One them is Mojtaba Saminejad Which is under 25 and nobody knows that what he has done. Many bloggers has asks the officials the release him or sending him to the jail immediately.
I have written a comment in my blog in Farsi about him. I hope the officials read the comments that the bloggers have mentioned about him and the people like him. At His last meeting with his lawyer, there was chain on his legs. It is not understandable that how a writer can be dangerous like that to keep by chain?

Today, also Akbar Rafsanjani announced that he is going to attend in the coming election. Emad BAghi, a researcher who has written some articles about the serial killing in Iran and has spent two years in the jail, must go to the jail tomorrow. Is this a message to reformists? Nobody knows. But it is not good for the Rafsanjani’s propaganda during the election.
A part of conservatives which is against the Rafsanjani will try to make a black face of him. Rafsanjani has not drawn a real border between himself, conservatives and reformist yet. Still Intellectuals and middle class are uncertain to vote. But experts believe that coming Rafsanaji make disqualifying the Moeen, reformist candidate much harder. However, there is no rule in the fundamentalist’s way of policy making. Now, they have started to produce the uranium circle in Isfahan. I think the Iranian officials are trying to put the Americans at the dead end street to clear its position before the election.


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