Omid Memarian

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Iran: prepared for the worst

Here is my article in Open Democracy about the latest changes in Iran's political system. I argue that Iranians have come to this conclusion that the US has decided to confront Iran at any expense. So, they are getting ready for the time this crisis occur. Read my article here:

"The resignation of Ali Larijani, secretary of Iran's national-security council and top nuclear negotiator, on 20 October has provoked been much discussion about what it might reveal of Tehran's complex intra-regime politics. What has been less remarked is that this was the second key personnel change among Iran's governing elite in the past two months. This sequence of events, reflecting the key arguments and calculations of Iran's top leaders, signifies the emergence of a revised politicalstrategy designed to cope with with the heightened threat of United States military action." (Continue ...)


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