Omid Memarian

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Prizing Doris Lessing

You probably have heard about Doris Lessing's Literature Noble Prize. Here you can read a thoughtful piece written by Christopher Hitchens on Slate. Look at her picture: it seems she's been waiting for something. It is not clear what that is, but I can imagine how it looks like being detached for this world to give you something anymore... you receive such an honor at such an age....However it seems whenever a dream comes true it's not late, as long as the dream stays a dream....:

"To review the depth and extent of Lessing's work is to appreciate that some writers really do live for language and are willing to take risks for it. It's also to understand that there is some relationship between the hunger for truth and the search for the right words. This struggle may be ultimately indefinable and even undecidable, but one damn well knows it when one sees it." (Continue...)


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