Omid Memarian

Monday, March 26, 2007

Who Wins in Iraq?

I think it is a little bit early to answer this question. The Foreign Policy has marked the 10 winner in this conflict by 10 authors. Vali Nasr, the author of "The Shia Revival" says Iran has achieved more than the other countries, organizations and individuals. When it comes to the Middle East story, it is not easy to see who is going to win. For Iran, in particular, it depends on its nuclear program destiny. Just two days ago another UN resolution has adopted against Iran and the war rhetoric is still frightening. Also, the seizure of Britain soldiers by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard forces can make turbulence in the region.

Iran’s defiance on pursing the enrichment of uranium can take to region to another conflict, this time worse the others…. Relatively, Iran could be the winner of the two major conflicts in the region, if the Iranian government finds out a way to convince the international community to follow its nuclear plan and re-build their trust. However, it not the case at this moment; the crisis is deepening more that ever and the prospect for a peaceful solution toward this crisis is becoming gloomy.


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