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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Iranian New Year and My Haftseen Table...

Today is Iranian New Year starts. This is the second year far from the family. We used to get together and celebrate
Norouz. My Mom loves all the Iranian traditions and more than the others Norouz. Just a few hours ago we talked on the phone... My mom asked me to send her a picture of My Haftsin table...and I here it is....


At 6:10 PM , Blogger Asghar said...

Hi Omid,

I have read your post and saw your picture. It is almost new year and your Haft-Sin looks nice, almost as nice as ours. My wife is very handy and she didn't leave anything for me to do. I am sure your mom will be very happy to see your picture.

Happy New Year, Happy NoRouz.

By the way, about that girl who didn't understand your hounesty... we Iranians are from the culture of Mehr and Sepanta-Mino. We don't consider doing right, we try to be right. Not every one would follow that path and certainly it is not understandable.

Ma asheghane Mehr-im
Sar ra ze pa nadaanim
in nokte-ha begirid
bar mardoman-e hoshyaar

No rouz etan pirooz.

Asghar Panahy

At 2:00 PM , Blogger نیکی said...

Salam Omid-

Happy Norouz, I wish you a happy new year and I hope that you will be able to be with your family.

I am also very impresed with your haftseen, it is very nice.

At 2:46 PM , Anonymous serendip said...

Splendid spread...outstanding haftseen table. Happiest of nowrooz to you too.

At 11:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Omid Happy new pErsian eid :)

At 1:04 AM , Blogger Mos and Nikou said...

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