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Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Israel, America and AIPAC

I found this piece quite interesting. George Soros, in this article discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict in a very precise and comperhensive way:
"The Bush administration is once again in the process of committing a major policy blunder in the Middle East, one that is liable to have disastrous consequences and is not receiving the attention it should. This time it concerns the Israeli–Palestinian relationship. The Bush administration is actively supporting the Israeli government in its refusal to recognize a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas, which the US State Department considers a terrorist organization. This precludes any progress toward a peace settlement at a time when progress on the Palestinian problem could help avert a conflagration in the greater Middle East." (Read the rest of article here)


At 3:04 PM , Blogger brando said...

Is it possible for Hamas to recognize Israel’s existence and to repent on terrorism? Im not even asking if Hamas will do that. Just is it possible?

Palestine doesn't need Israel's permission to govern. They can just have a strong economy and robust infrastructure on their own.

At 5:45 PM , Anonymous serendip said...

To the core matter -- why should one elect not to negotiate with Hamas? Trust is at the basis of any negotiation. The entire process of negotiation is predicated upon each party proceeding in good faith. When your negotiating counterparty (or adversary) denies the existence of, and asserts the desire to destroy you and that which you represent, there is simply no basis upon which to negotiate. There is no trust, no good faith. Thus there is no point to a negotiation. Agreeing to negotiate under false pretenses is simply an expression of weakness.

Any US trained business person or lawyer innately understands this because that is one of the foundations of our functioning Anglo Saxon society and culture. George Soros, raised in Hungary and trained in the capital markets, doesn't agree with or understand that premise. His presumption I guess is that everything is always negotiable for everybody, regardless of one's good or bad faith intentions. And it maybe that Arab culture comports more with Soros's understanding than Anglo Saxon culture.

Principles and ethics are non-negotiables in the West.

At 10:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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