Omid Memarian

Monday, September 19, 2005

Shooting with empty Gun! Iranian policies for following the insistence against the US and European countries to achieve the nuclear fuel circle, is based on the lack of authority between the Americans and their allays to stop Iran. Iranians have recognized the American frail situation at their bargaining about the nuclear issues, can take more political and economical advantages for the Islamic regime. “They have no play card to force Iran to stop enrichment uranium,” says a conservative politician. Beside, no threat, including sanctions will persuade them to stop the nuclear program. Because they have lived under the sanctions for more than two decades. They have been isolated for many years and it is not a big threat. At the same time the oil price, Iraq complicated situation and also the unstable political climate in the relationship between Palestine and Israel, increase the maneuver space for the Iranian hardliner which are getting more and more disobedient.

Putin's diplomacy allows Iran to avoid censure
India opposes taking Iran case to UN security body Newindpress
EU nuclear draft on Iran urges UN report-diplomats Reuters AlertNet


At 8:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is some kind of flawed logic. Think it through, if the US can't get Iran into the Security Council, and can't get them to negotiate in good faith, and can't trust them with nuclear power/weapons, what does that leave?
I hope you don't live near any of the sites.

At 2:29 AM , Blogger footiefan said...

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