Omid Memarian

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Creation of Hate

Today some Iranian Stıdents protested against the UK embassy in Tehran to show their hate about what this country and the other western countries have done during the war between Iran and Iraq(1980-1989). Look at thier faces. Are they Civil Society activists that organized the protest non governmentally? or they are organised by the gorernmental and Islamist oranizations? Who are they?

I think we don't need much time to recognize the new changes in Iran. For us everything is clear. After revolution that's the Islamist groups that organize these kind of protest that is exactley the voice of the government. To be precise, a part of government. It shows a creation of hate against the west between the youth generation. The conservatives work on this issue as we can see the similiar models in the middle east. i think the most dangerous think for the Future is not the concerns about the Nuclear Weapons. it is about extrimist who potentially can be sucide bombers. it is the hate that is created. I really fear about the youth who enter to this road. However many poeple in Iran dont believe at these kind of activity. But this voice, as the civil society is gettin weak and controled, is getting stronger. That a real threat for the Iranian Society.

here is my Stroy about the Iranian Civil Society at Roozonline pro reformist website . i have talked about the concerns of civil soceity and what is happening in this arena.


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