Omid Memarian

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Today was 13th of Nowrooz that Iranian call is SIZDEBEDAR. This is the last day of Nowrooz holiday. People in this day go out of their home our cities and try to have good time in nature. They say 13 can be with bad chances for them when they are in home. Beside in this day we have Lie of Sizdebedar. It means perhaps individuals talk about something very seriously which is wrong. This is lie of 13th. But people after that say it was lie of SIZDEBEDAR. People in this they call each other and say something that make astonish them. But after a few moments they say:” it is SIZDEBEDAR lie.” Today Like the election period, I had many messages on my mobile about the lie of SIZDEBEDAR( Lie of 13th of Farvardin). Some these lie messages are:
1 – Khatami has killed himself.
2-President bush because of the revenge of Sheikh Ahmad Yassins terror has killed this morning
30 Guardian council has proved a law for women to be free from hejab….
4 – the election will be held again after the holiday
5- Iran has gotten the second rank after Japan in economic growth.
And these kind of messages. It was very funny…I want to read a comment on it later.


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