Omid Memarian

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Who is a next speaker?Haddade Adel,Tavakkoli or Bahonar?

After the Nowrooz holiday the MPs will select the speaker. They have decided to select a MP who is no famous. The head of conservatives are trying to select Mr. Bahonar or Mr. Tavakkoli or Mr. Haddad Adel. Haddade Adel is son in law of Ayatollah Khameneyee. He is a cultural man but under his cultural face he is a radical conservatives under the influence of Ali khameyee. Ahmad Tavakkoli has been candidate for presidency for twice. He believes that they can solve the economic crisis. He has educated in economic form England. But as the other officials who have educated in this country he can not speak English. They have never talk abut their program. But they are trying to say their obligation to build the country will change Iran as an Islamic Japan. Tavakkoli has many opponents. Bahonar is very radical conservative and the wise sides of conservatives try to persuade him to leave the speaker playground. So Mr. Haddade Adel has more chance than the others to be the 7th speaker.


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