Omid Memarian

Monday, March 29, 2004

By the end of Nowrooz long holiday, the streets will be crowd again and business will start like the past. But about politic issues there are many things that are not clear yet. During the Nowrooz some of the Iranian reformist summoned to the court because of their charges. I think in the early next months the conservatives will try to bring fear to the heart of journalists and social activists. It seems that they will concentrate on White torture instead of arresting and killing anyone. I can understand that what white torture means for journalists. Some of the journalist left Iran because of these kinds of behaviors. Perhaps you think that why they do it? As the power in democratic parts and also the non democratic parts are in their control they can change their way to confront with the social activists. But they don’t. Perhaps they fear about another mistake like the same that was happen in 19997. A mistake that brought president khatami to the power. There is no way to risk on this opportunity. They want to capture the presidency. But can they? At this time I think the destiny of internal changes is going to the external forces. It’s out of the control of internal forces. The Islamic regime can easily stop any movement which focused on changing some part of constitution. They know starting this way pushes them in a way that won’t let them to come back. The end of the road in this case is really clear. To Change the constitution. They don’t risk on it. They ride by this constitution.


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