Omid Memarian

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Kerry and Talking with conservatives!

I wrote a comment about the tendency of cooperation between kerry(Democrat candidate in US) and conservatives a few days ago. my friend charlie has sent a comment for me about my point of view. in a part of his letter he has said that ".... IF Kerry is elected (and I hope he is!)and if he (or his people) start to talk with representatives of the conservatives, I don't think talking with them will be supporting them, and I don't think he will feel that he is supporting them either. He will be trying to bring more openess to the regime. How sucessful he will be, I don't know, and the conservatives will not want Kerry to get any propaganda victories. But you know and I know, that there is a great deal of good will towards the United States among the average people in Iran, and sincere efforts by Kerry to bridge the official gap between our two countries will pay dividends in the longer term. Of course the big issue is now, and will be, the possible creation of nuclear weapons by Iran. That is the big barrier now. And I do not have ideas on that issue! ..."


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