Omid Memarian

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Donor Driven groups

During the last years many of Iranian NGOs have established out of Iran. Whenever you look at the one the opposition’s letter you can see the name of many groups which have signed it. But are the foreign Iranian civil society has grown up this so much? Some of the people who are involved with Iranian out of country believe that most of these groups are one-person NGOs. They say that these NGOs are established to guide the support of European countries for their activities. But they are not representative of Iranian people. I have talked about counterfeit civil society in Iran by government and especially by conservatives. But I think this another side of this civil society. Their mechanism for earning is like the same in Iran. Some international organization or even UN agencies support them as the representative of minority groups but they are not and also judgment is really hard for these kinds of organizations. This is one of our problems in Iran. Perhaps you ask why? Because they destroy the atmosphere of NGOs who are working seriously. They look at the atmosphere and then try to specify their activities. We say they are “Donor Driven” groups….Now it is time to evaluate the role of these NGOs in Iran or our or Iran. It will show us many results.


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