Omid Memarian

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Letters & power

As the media area is getting more closed, Iranian in many levels write letter to high-ranking officials to express their ideas. In recent days it is very hard for newspapers to publish some news about internal events. In some events even they are forbidden to talk about something. For example near the anniversary of 18 tir (Student demonstration 4 years ago) .They say that it is because of national security. But peple hesitate to this decisions .they are in doubt in censorship for national security. They believe that covering the truth like what happened for Zahra KAzemi or keeping students or journalist in jail will really blot it.

More than 80 magazine are closed during 5 years

Akbar Ganji is in the jail for more than 3 years because his articles and notes in newspapers. Saeed Razavi Faghih has been arrested more than a month and many of students too.
Last week when I was in Japan they closed a magazine that I was its editor. Mr Golbaf went to the jail. He wrote a letter and said he has been under the pressure for months…..
Writing letters is continued but the ears are closed too. And it seems that democracy and freedom is going to have more expenses in Iran….

As a young man it seems that I have to spend all my youth in this worry and anxiety.
When does it come to end? When? No one knows.


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