Omid Memarian

Friday, August 01, 2003

Bad News, Good News!

I was two weeks in Japan .There was a conference there. At the middle of this short trip, I received an email that was written by Miranda - BBC Reporter - that made me anxiety. She told me that "I have heard that you have been arrested and at the present time you are in the jail."
I wrote her "How did you understand this"...anyway, I was in Japan....but this kind of things has become a part of our life. Every day many journalist, intellectuals and political or social activists sleep with the fear of arresting tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It means that writing about events is getting more hard and dangerous. When I was going back to Iran some friends of mine suggested me not to come back. But when some of the best people and many remarkable journalists are in the jail, what does it mean "don’t go back?"
However, I understand when someone goes to the jail never wants to comeback there. Never! Even going to foreign countries. I really understand when I read or hear their experiences during arresting and.....
But what will happen then? When these continuous fears go to the end? When this life change? When can we write in freedom society with less disturbing and concerning? I think it will happen soon. No one can believe that how it is possible? No one! There are some points that we can talk about it later. Sure!


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