Omid Memarian

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Final chance for reformist and president khatami:
Why Zahra Kazemi killed and who did it?

Battle between political parties and power bands is going to critical points. As Some month ago during and after the war, Many of journalist believed that Iraq destructions is a part of program and Iran will be the next target. So it was clear that pay attention to Iran in international level, will have effect on internal transformations. With this fact, some of the political forces in Iran tried to be closer against the foreign pressure. Reformists and conservatives were in one side of playground. But after a few months it seems that it was wrong and the challenges between reformist and all people that are interested on democracy is deeper that was mentioned before. Killing Zahra Kazemi in the best sign for this pretension. This awful event shows that the line of reformist and the majority of people are separating completely form each other. Both of these are marshalling against each other and swords are on the clothes for starting the final attack.
Killing a journalist when every one in the political world is focusing to Iran, is only carelessness to a part of sovereignty that is called “government” and Mr khatami is its president and 78 percent of people voted to him for several. We can see how parts of political power-especially in non democratic institutions – neutralize all effort to make Iran out of foreign treats and solve the internal crisis’s.
It is really the war to protection the power. Conservatives know that the play of democratization in Iran will break the monopoly of power and economy that has been completely in there hand. At this time they have to show their power. Killing a journalist at the middle of a day, with no fear to be caught like what happened for Men that were involved in serial killing of writers and intellectuals 4 years ago, is a message for people and reformist. The message is:”listen! Power is in our hand. It makes no difference that how many votes are in your hands. We have the power. And this is the way ….try more and sees the results…”
But at the present time people are looking to mr khatamis reaction .what will he do? And what this event will go to the end? They remember the destiny of serial killing that was happened by some high-ranking agents of security ministry 4 years ago. Nothing recognized. And questions of people public opinion never answered.
This is the final chance for reformist and president khatami to show their honesty. Last chance. They have to answer the people all over the world.


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