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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

A dream, An interview and the other things.....

In recent days I could not write in my weblog. I was really busy. As I said before, the conference in Kish island in held by my NGO (Volunteer Actors) and we have to work hard even until midnight. Now I am working on our magazine for an especial issue about Information Society .We have prepare it .There are some interesting articles about ICT in it.
Last day Mr. Khosro Mansoorian who is a political activist announced me that the security services took him to answer some questions. He said that they began their questions with some points about the interview that had done by me a few weeks ago. It was about social problems in Iran and some consideration about the relation between government and people in Islamic regime. He said that for a man like him it is being a part of his life. Each 3 or 4 years like a circle they send him and his friends that think like him about politic (Religious- Nationalist group) to jail for some causes that they are never able to prove them at all.
He told me that at this time the curtains have fell down and game is open.
Last night, I dreamed that the law court requested me to attend a meeting for answering some questions. All the night I was answering questions about what am I doing in my private life ….and no one of the questions was about for example my articles and comments in newspapers that are published before. At the end of the dreaming they send me to the jail but they didn’t tell me what my charges are. When I woke up, the sun was appearing over the horizon and I really felt that a hand on my throat is disappeared. Woh….! What a bad dream! I was thinking about some of my friends that are still in jail and no one can help them. No one even president khatami that in these days has made some people angry about himself because of his reactions about political events especially after the murder of Zahra kazemi . No one believed that is was an accident. No one could cover this terrible murder but some of them are trying to do that. Unbelievable!


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