Omid Memarian

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

During these weeks I had more time to think about Life.I asked myself that what does it mean to me really? How all of my activities and efforts can make me happy and pleased? When I was in japan I thought about this subject a lot. I was really puzzled. Exploring the quality of life,and finding the importance of all phenomens such as family,friends, job, enjoyment, that we are involed with them, has become a big question that worry me especially when I am alone.
Friendship and the value of making love with people, between these issues have a large amount of importance. Imagine that for example you have a very excellent job,and have a very nice house and live in the best part of your city..but you can not fall in love with.....Woh....
But for making love it seems that we have to train and educate ourselfs....How can we continue? It is really necessary. ....lets talk more about it later
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