Omid Memarian

Friday, August 15, 2003

Youth objection

As I had written before, a national conference on youth NGOs held in Tehran. .In the opening ceremony president Khatami came and talked about the role of youth in Iran today. Many of participants objected to the President Khatami. They said during these years hey have heard a lot about thing that he mentioned about it. During the meeting when Mr. Khatami said that they have done many things for women, a girl a the middle rows of the saloon screamed that you have done nothing .a few minutes later a boy ah the end of saloon between presidents speech said loudly president you only talk and don’t act. Please act instead of talking.
Khatami really understood that in this sphere can not talk like always…..he left the meeting soon before attending in a free tribune with NGO members.
I had a speech about the challenges and opportunities of Youth in Iran and especially Youth NGOs after that. It was very inflamed meeting. Young people were angry about the method of president talking in morning.
I tried to change the direction but it was not helpful. One of them noticed me that it’s better not to cover and hide this real objection as a journalist.
Anyway, it was a good workshop and we talked about many beneficial issues.
I felt that youth especially in far provinces are getting very radical about their requests and needs


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