Omid Memarian

Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Ahmadinejad's Trip to Baghdad"

Iraq has become a battlefield for the US and Iran to show their influence in the region. Ahmadienajd who is facing wide range of criticism at home, has found the neighboring countries pretty much relaxing, where people cheer him and enthusiastically talk about him. While the U.S. Republican presidential hopeful, John McCain, has claimed that Al-Qauda existed even before Iraq war, Ahmadineajdneja said that there was no terrorist before Americans come to the region. Senator Obama, also, believe that there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq before the U.S. invasion. Many people in the region have the same idea. No matter why the US has come to the region, spreading terrorism is a new thing and has occurred after the US invaded Iraq. (Watch BBC's report on AN's trip)


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