Omid Memarian

Friday, February 29, 2008

U.S. Intelligence: Iran Possesses Trillions of Potentilly Dangerous Atoms

A friend of my mine sent a link to the below article bout Iran's nuclear program. It's quite amusing, don't miss it if you have not read it:

"Vice President Dick Cheney and his staff were briefed on the atomic situation in Iran Tuesday with the aid of colorful interlocking plastic models and a short film.

"The United States will not stand idly by while Iran gains the protons, neutrons, and whatever else they need to threaten the free world," Cheney said at a press conference that afternoon. "Iran has demonstrated time and time again its ability to combine atoms of hydrogen and oxygen right out in the open, and we cannot allow that to go on any longer."

Iranian officials claim the atoms are being used only for peaceful, life-sustaining purposes, and that it is physically impossible for Iran or any government to create or destroy matter in order to comply with U.S. regulations."


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