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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Journalists are people too--Let my people vote!

During the last year I've heard a lot about whether journalists should vote and participate in political campaigns or not. Some people are against any kind of political activity by journalists. But how can journalists be responsible citizens without participating in the most important political process that has the power to bring change to their society? I found Ruth Hochberger's piece in Huffington Post very interesting. She challenges the way that the old school of journalism prohibits journalists from voting:
"Journalists pay a dear price for the special privileges they enjoy. They often have to suppress their opinions when others are enjoying a good political debate or argument. They often have to button their lips when friends or relatives trade gossip or inside information on something they've learned in confidence. They cannot make contributions to causes they may feel passionately and earnestly about. They can't take an offered free ride or keep free samples. They can't take holiday gifts from people they work with. They can't march on Washington or even their state capitols. Most reporters and editors accept such limitations as part of the conditions of employment." (Read the rest of the piece here.)


At 10:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Journalists should be able to vote and also support candidates. However then it is better not to cover elections but at least they are honest with people.


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