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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A few Changes

School start's next week for me: I'll be dualing [no pun intended :-] a dual masters program in Peace and Conflict Studies & Journalism. During the past few months, my blog has been a safehouse for news pieces and materials published elsewhere.

Now, after some housecleaning, the new season will bring new changes: I've updated the sidebar, and added a 'Daily News Feed' section for media updates from selected sites. Also, I will be including daily personal experiences--which I have been hesitant to do until now. [ In my Persian(Farsi) blog, I keep news pieces and personal updates separate, but am technically unable to do so on this blog]. ..and more changes to follow!

Although school has not started, I have recieved tens of emails everyday about the courses, registration and so on--unlike Iran where nothing starts before the first day of school. Despite having been a visiting scholar in 2005 at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, I'm still very excited about officially joining the program as a student...even though I've heard that the first semester is the toughest.

I am a bit anxious about being able to balance work, school, sports and the other extracurricular activities....


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