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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Waiting for an Iranian Chernobyl?

My friend, Deborah Campbell has interviewed Najmedin Meshkati for New Scientist. It is an interesting view about the Iran's nuclear plan. Meshkati is a leading expert in nuclear safety at the University of Southern California, the Iranian-born engineer worries that the Russian technology and human error that led to the Chernobyl disaster may cause a similar tragedy at Iran's nuclear facilities in Bushehr and elsewhere.

Iran: Talk trumps war

Have you heard this joke about the Iranian intelligence services?
"American, British and Iranian security forces decide to hold a contest to see which is fastest at locating and apprehending a suspect.
A bunny is set loose in a forest, and the Americans go first, with their infrared goggles and helicopters. They produce the rabbit in eight hours. The Brits go next, with hounds and carrots, emerging six hours later, rabbit in hand. Then in go the Iranians, who return an hour later with a badly beaten and bruised bear, walking on its hind paws, its front paws raised in surrender.
"Hold on," say the Brits, "That's not a rabbit."
"Yes, I am," sobs the bear. "They're right, I swear. I am a bunny!" (

How Supreme Is Iran's Supreme Leader?
This article indicates some of the characteristics of the Iranian ruling system
. Althought, there are many doubts about the points that the authors have made....(Continues...)


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