Omid Memarian

Friday, June 29, 2007

-Unrest Grows Amid Gas Rationing in Iran :(NYTimes)TEHRAN, June 28 — Unrest spread in Tehran on Thursday, the second day of gasoline rationing in oil-rich Iran, with drivers lining up for miles, gas stations being set on fire and state-run banks and business centers coming under attack:“The government will have to back down or face consequences,” said Ehsan Mohammadi, 32, who uses his motorcycle to work as a delivery man. “There are many people like me, and we cannot support our families with rationed gasoline.”

Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency...Watch this. A well done multimedia story about one of the most influential men in the Bush administration.....

- Clinton, Richardson fault policy on Iran: Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Richardson on Wednesday urged the Bush administration to continue a dialogue with Iran as the U.S. tries to thwart the country's pursuit of nuclear weapons.

-Why the Iraq war won't engulf the Mideast (IHT), By Steven A. Cook, Ray Takeyh and Suzanne Maloney: Long before the Bush administration began selling "the surge" in Iraq as a way to avert a general war in the Middle East, observers both inside and outside the government were growing concerned about the potential for armed conflict among the regional powers.

-How to Deal With Iran? A policy brief by Karim Sadjapour. He is a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment. It is very timely and interesting to read....don't miss it....


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