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Thursday, May 31, 2007

- High Noon With Iran:
By Kenneth R. May 31, 2007
So there you have it. If the United States wishes to have further talks with the Iranian regime, we must first admit 1) that our policies were wrong, and 2) that they have failed. Once that’s over with, hey – whatever you like!I don’t know how deaf you have to be not to hear the message. Lee Hamilton, are you listening?
How did the the US-Iran talks go? Read the rest of the story through conservative eyes
- Talk to foreigners and we will view you as a spy, Iran warns academics

Guardian Unlimited, UK
"Iran's powerful intelligence ministry has stepped up its war of nerves with the west by telling the country's academics they will be suspected of spying if they maintain contact with foreign institutions or travel abroad to international conferences."
What does is mean , "powerful"? Robert, how long have you been in Tehran? Vacation? (Read the rest of the story here)
- The Case for Bombing Iran
Wall Street journal, Editorial Page:
But Ahmadinejad's ambitions are not confined to the destruction of Israel. He also wishes to dominate the greater Middle East, and thereby to control the oilfields of the region and the flow of oil out of it through the Persian Gulf. If he acquired a nuclear capability, he would not even have to use it in order to put all this within his reach. Intimidation and blackmail by themselves would do the trick.
Such a poor mindset! look at the facts and results!!! Who is making decision based on these thoughts? (Rest of the story)


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