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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UC Berkeley Student Protest to Condemn the UCDP Brutal Action (Today on the Campus)

Today many of UC Berkeley students participated in a protest to show their solidarity to the students in UCLA in regard to the latest student abuse by the UCPD. I think in compare with the students in UCLA, UC guys were a sort of unorganized, and cofused,but passionate. I believe that the UCPD overreacted and used "excessive force", but I don’t believe to bring this issue to the racial field…By the way hundreds of student signed a petition to send to the UCLA administration and asked for independent investigation.

During the time I've been in Berkeley, I've gotten a very positive about the UCPD here. I have never seen any weird behavior by them. They are supportive, polite and a sort of kind. I am not sure about the UCPD in LA and I haven’t heard any other similar case about such a behavior. Have you heard anything about this?

So, even though many of sudents are stunned and upset, but it is not a reason to overreact.

-Read Daily Kos blog about this event:UCLA Police repeatedly taser muslim student [Updated1]
-Updated Video in Youtoube...
-An Angry Student uses Youtoube to show his impression


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