Omid Memarian

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Living behind the masks

Last night I saw “Eyes wide shot”. As you know it is not a new film but an impressive film which was deeply about the quality of life. I think the human relationship is one of the most complicated things in the world. Because of many things, most of us have a mask on our faces like the same that Tom Crouse had in this film. However it was symbolic. When we try to explore ourselves and answer that what we want from our living, little by little the mask cracks. Then we can see each other closely. In many cases we don’t like the face behind his mask. But this is the reality. Trying to capture and make connection with this picture needs strong personality. Most of the time we make a relation with the mask but not the real face and when we understand the reality, misunderstanding appear in strange manners. We have to cope with it. The other remarkable view in this film was showing the value of truth. Nicole Kidman showed the costs of being honest in some cases can destroy a life. In fact, many people prefer not to confront with truth. I know many people like this. To make a long story short, I enjoyed a lot. I saw Eyes wide shot alone after midnight and after that I could not sleep easily. It’s a choice. Leaving masks of living with it?
Norooz holiday (New Year) is coming. I will have more time to work on my book about “NGOs and Media”.


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