Omid Memarian

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Tendency to disintegration

The tendency to disintegration in Kurdish provinces increased after proving the institution of Iraq an few days ago. Marivan city was out of the Islamic regime police control for more than 5 hours. Excited people pull down the statue of Hussein Fahmideh(Symbol of war and braveness for regime). They distributed candy between the people and the book about federalism in Kurdistan was unobtainable in these days. “ Kurdish language is a regular language in Iraq and people can have minister in central government and it is a victory for Kurds” a Kurd man said to me
During the last days I was in Sanandaj center of Kurdistan province. We attend in the seminar at the anniversary of 8th of Mars, women’s day. It was held by a youth NGO which tried to establish a new discussion in this city for youth. In First day I saw many points that showed me every Kurdish symbol like language or clothes make excited them. Some of the youth during the seminar tried to show that the Islamic laws are one their main problem to gain the equality for women. At the same time as they had many quest from Tehran they presented their articles in Kurdish language. They really criticized the central government that never pays attention to them. First lecturer described some sign of Koran (the holy book of Islam) and compared the articles of women’s world convention against violence and discrimination and tried to show some differences. Two clerics were in this meeting but when the speech finished the all people in salon clapped for more than 25 seconds. The clerics were astonished, one of them went behind the microphone ant tried to describe the mentioned points as misunderstanding and lack of science and knowledge. But no one paid attention to him and then I saw a young girl stood up and objected to him strongly. “the clerics always accuse people that it is out of their business to talk about the Islamic laws and other related issues but we can really see many of these laws are against human beliefs and nature.” She said. “Your paternalistic reading of Islam makes women hindered from progress after revolution”.
After that I attended in a roundtable about the situation of women in Iran today. I talked about women in civil society. I considered they how they are ready to object. So I started my words with lello in Kurdish language. It impressed them and broke the ice. When I was looking the faces that was listening to my words I was very unhappy to reproach them never! When I think about their situation in development program I never forgive the Islamic officials….
The Seminar continued 2 days (End of Part one)


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