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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kerry Rips MSNBC On Wright: 'You People Need To Let Go Of This'

Kerry's criticism over fueling the Wright issue in the mainstream media is a legitimate argument. Even in the countries that are called "backward" or "third world" here in the United States, people do not punish politicians for their associations to their Imams. It is surprising for me the way CNN, MSNBC and FOX try to continue this controversy. I have never heard that any Presidential candidates in the Middle East and particularly in Iran be accused of being a member of a mosque and listening to a particular Imam who might be controversial. There is a famous saying in Farsi, which comes from Islamic tradition, people's current situation and beliefs is the crucial point to judge them not their past...

More than anybody else, Pat Buchanan, has been a leading figure to manipulate the reality of what's going on in this country. What is the criteria to be on air as a pundit? It's sometimes so hard to take what he says because the level of hate in his opinions toward Barck Obama. You might hate Obame Pat, but what you are doing is bad for America and Americans. You draw a miserable picture of the political culture and media in the United States, which I do not think reflect the beauty and authenticity of this country. If there is an issue to deal with that is how to deal with crisis like the war with Iran which is taking the lives of thousands of American and Iraqi troops. A war which is illegitimate, costly and disastrous. A war that has affected people's economic situation. What's Pat's opinion about it? Staying for 100 years in Iraq and probably attacking Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria?
WITT: Okay. He said it. A 20-year relationship. Reverend wright married him. He is the one who baptized a god parent. How personally painful is this for him?

KERRY: Can I say something to you? Obviously it is painful and he said it. You folks need to let go of this. Television needs to stop dwelling on something that is in the past. I thought Barack Obama yesterday gave America his second big presidential moment of this campaign. The first when he spoke out about the issue of race. The second yesterday, when he made it clear, every one of the statements of the minister are just unacceptable. They're not the person that he knew before. Now let's move on to how we'll put people to work. How are you going to give people health care? How are you going to create jobs in america? What Barack Obama is offering in this gas price issue is real leadership. I mean, do we want people who sort of put their fingers in the wind and throw out an idea for the short term that is sort of politically pleasing, or do you want a here who stands up and says, no, what we need is to really lower gas prices by having a real energy policy, an intelligent policy that puts in place the incentives for renewable fuels and alternative fuels. That's what Barack Obama is doing. And it is you guys have to focus on the thing that really matter to the American electorate. The other thing is just worn out, old history now. This guy had his narcissistic moment and it is finished.

WITT: Okay. Point well taken. Did I say to begin, can I just say, sir, I knew you weren't going to like that question. On the record.

KERRY: Let's move on to the thing that really matter to people. I think people in America are tired of this stuff.

WITT: Okay.


At 10:13 AM , Anonymous Niki said...

That's a legitimate argument. It sucks that the media is still after the Wright factor....


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