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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thirty three Women Activists Arrested in Tehran

March 4, 2007 - Thirty three women's rights defenders were arrested today in Tehran during a peaceful gathering in front of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran. The gathering was to protest the recent state pressures on women's rights defenders. In today's peaceful protest, women held banners reading, "Article 27 of the constitution guarantees the right to peaceful protests" and "We, too, participated in the previous peaceful protest on 22 Khordad" to show their solidarity with the five women activists who had been summoned to the court for previous peaceful protests and had their appearance in court at the time.The organizers of the two major current campaigns, Stop Stoning Forever, and One Million Signatures to Change the Discriminatory Law, have been among the women rights defenders by the National Security Police.

My friend, Arash Ashoorinia, who is a very prominent photo-journalist inTehran has provided pictures of some of the arrested women. It took a long time for him (Part One- Part Two). Since I've heard the news (at 2 a.m. I didn't sleep. I have been working on a piece about this shocking arrests and talking to the family of the arrested people in Tehran. I will put translation of this piece on my blog today.


At 12:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic and impressive round up of relevant news. Excellent job.

A bit off topic:
Secular Islam Summit in Florida

At 12:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a link to Obama's speech to AIPAC - Here's the pertinent passage: "The world must work to stop Iran's uranium enrichment program and prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is far too dangerous to have nuclear weapons in the hands of a radical theocracy. And while we should take no option, including military action, off the table, sustained and aggressive diplomacy combined with tough sanctions should be our primary means to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons."


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