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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Is Iran behind the Attacks in Iran?

During the last days CNN has been very active to portrait Iran as the back of insurgency in Iraq. "Iran's Factor" TV show,what they call it, broadcasted last night about the insurgency in Iraq and the role of Iran was a weak and unrealistic program performed by Anderson Cooper. I am not sure he is the producer or is just an anchor.... it was terrible the way he was trying to justify the failure of different forces in Iraq ro promote security and make a "bad guy" picture of Iran.

Here is also Thomas Friedman's article at New York Times today... I like the realistic analogy...

Here's a little foreign policy test. I am going to describe two countries , "Country A" and "Country B" , and you tell me which one is America's ally and which one is not.Let's start: Country A actively helped the U.S. defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan and replace it with a pro-U.S. elected alliance of moderate Muslims. Country A regularly holds sort-of-free elections.

Country A's women vote, hold office, are the majority of its university students and are fully integrated into the work force. On 9/11, residents of Country A were among the very few in the Muslim world to hold spontaneous pro-U.S. demonstrations.

Country A's radical president recently held a conference about why the Holocaust never happened , to try to gain popularity. A month later, Country A held nationwide elections for local councils, and that same president saw his candidates get wiped out by voters who preferred more moderate conservatives. Country A has a strategic interest in the success of the pro-U.S., Shiite-led, elected Iraqi government.

Although it's a Muslim country right next to Iraq, Country A has never sent any suicide bombers to Iraq, and has long protected its Christians and Jews. Country A has more bloggers per capita than any country in the Muslim Middle East. The brand of Islam practiced by Country A respects women, is open to reinterpretation in light of modernity and rejects Al Qaeda's nihilism.Now Country B: Country B gave us 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11.

Country B does not allow its women to drive, vote or run for office. It is illegal in Country B to build a church, synagogue or Hindu temple. Country B helped finance the Taliban. Country B's private charities help sustain Al Qaeda. Young men from Country B's mosques have been regularly recruited to carry out suicide bombings in Iraq. Mosques and charities in Country B raise funds to support the insurgency in Iraq.

Country B does not want the elected, Shiite-led government in Iraq to succeed. While Country B's leaders are pro-U.S., polls show many of its people are hostile to America , some of them celebrated on 9/11. The brand of Islam supported by Country B and exported by it to mosques around the world is the most hostile to modernity and other faiths.

Question: Which country is
America's natural ally: A or B?Country A is, of course. Country A is Iran. Country B is Saudi Arabia.


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