Omid Memarian

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Iranian youth in sweden

Some Iranian in Sweden were astonished by Iranian youth society news....

I had a meeting with Iranian youth that are educationg in sweden....Many of them were out of Iran for more that 10 years or even more. so the situation of Iranian society was intersting for them. we talked a lot .....I enjoyed a lot...Iwill talk about this event more later.

They have right to leave !

I had a long interview with Prof. Nasrin Moazzami that is the first biotechnologist expert that established a facualty for that in tehran. shargh newspaper.
In a part of this interview Dr Moazzami mentioned that because of the hopeless and unemployments between Iranian youth she understand why they are interested to leave Iran. She also talked about the situation of science at the beginning of the Ilamic revolution that fundimentalists thought that women can not teach in university and of course they thought that country can survive without science and only with the help of god!!!!!

Iranian youth experts leave Iran more more and never find fortune inside the country

She also mentioned that many of Iranian youth experts come to her office monthly to find a job but her answer is No! because there are any place for them...when I was talking with herin some moments her tears came to her eyes and she stopped for several.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

A trip to Sweden
I have been in sweden during last days. Sunday I had a meeting with some of the Iranians that are living here for a long time. I talked about the situation of Iranian youht in recent years. Some of the audiances were youth and it was intresting because it is hard for them to keep their contanct with the cultural points and views in country so coming there had many messages for me. Tomorrow I will have another friendly meeting with them. At the present time I am in Malmo. last day I was free and had no program to deal with.Last week We had some meetings with some NGOs to be familiar with their activities and in one word tried to answer this question that How is the associational life in sweden?
Today I am going to buy a ticket for going to paris at sunday and come back to Iran.